Color Matching

Our team of trained professionals has access to one of the largest inventories of colored powder formulas found anywhere. we are known for having the ability to quickly reformulate and create vibrant color and texture combinations and to consistently deliver near-perfect matches from color samples.

Our three-tier color matching process:Color Matching

Tier 1
Archive search – this includes matching colors from our database of 6,500 plus powder coating formulas.

Tier 2
Reformulation – our group of experts produces a near-to-exact match to a customer’s sample from an existing formula. This level of service requires a service fee and up to three weeks to process.

Tier 3
Color Formulation – we create a completely new color and product base. Though a perfect match is not always guaranteed, the customer has the opportunity to pre-approve a product from a spray applied and cured test panel. This requires a service fee and minimum order and may take up to eight weeks to process. Technical assistance is available and price breaks are offered on large orders.