Cerakote Will Benefit Your Business

Cerakote Will Benefit Your BusinessWhether you have a large enterprise or a gunsmith, Cerakote© will significantly improve the look and durability of any firearm as well as your sales.

Increase your bottom line with our state-of-the-art coating process. Liberty has the ability to process large volumes of individual parts or complete firearms in custom colors. Save money by using our facilities instead of creating a separate department. Give your distributors another advantage by offering more choices. We meet deadlines and surpass expectations every day.

In today’s market, consumers are more educated than ever before about firearms available. Thousands of manufacturers have brought custom designs to market and those who buy them have more choices than ever before. Our coatings allow manufacturers to offer their distributors custom product lines and more choices for their clients. This increases sales and creates a competitive edge for many companies. Consumer choice is now paramount in the firearm marketplace today. Let us keep you a step ahead of your competition.

BenefitsCerakote© firearm coatings offer unsurpassed durability and many sought after characteristics. Our coatings resist chemicals, heat, harsh solvents, and slight impact. Cerakote© coatings can resist 5% salt water spray for periods of 2500+ hours and temperatures in excess of 1400°F. Cerakote© can also resist submersion in harsh solvents such as hydrochloric acid for long periods.

We have the ability to offer high volume production within deadlines. Our quality control is impeccable and second to none. Since the coating is extremely thin (.001 mils), it does not interfere with the functionality or assembly of the weapon. We can also provide custom coatings for special projects, contact us to learn more.